Basic BASE Jump Course


First of all you must be a skydiver to take our First  BASE Jump Course. Email us for requirements at:

ProBase Academy FJC
Starting your BASE jump career by taking a BASE jump course is probably the best decision you´ll ever make.  A safe and careful approach is the best way to avoid injuries or worse and this you can best achieve by learning from highly skilled BASE jump professionals who pass on their experience in the sport.

The ProBASE First Jump Course is designed to give newcomers to the sport the training, confidence and skills necessary to go out and perform safe BASE jumps. The course is very BASE specific and includes only elements essential to BASE jumping and not to skydiving.

BASE jumping is a sport that has inherent dangers and therefore it is highly recommendable to have proper training and instruction before you start diving off objects. The basic course of the ProBASE Academy will give you a safe introduction to the sport of BASE jumping and teach you the essentials. In order to reap the maximum benefit from the course you should arrive well prepared and practice flying your BASE canopy before arriving at the course.

What will you learn?
The Pro BASE FJC is divided into 2 parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. In the theoretical part you will learn how to configure, pack and maintain your BASE gear, you will learn about different exit techniques, body control in dead air, freefall techniques, BASE specific canopy deployment, canopy flight, landing patterns and landing control as well as wind and weather conditions.You will furthermore learn how to evaluate an object, judge its height, and determine safe landing areas as well as exit points.

The practical part includes training from an exit trainer which will prepare you for correct and stable BASE exits, jumping from a hot air balloon using BASE specific gear, several jumps from a 140 meter high bridge in different configurations, learning how to judge wind conditions, assessing the landing area, as well as BASE ethics. All jumps will be taped on video and debriefs will be done after each jump to show you your progression as well as necessary improvements and adjustments throughout the course.

Duration is 5 days weather permitting and limited to a maximum of 3 students.

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Full BASE jump Course

The Full Course starts with the 5 day basic course. After that we add another 4 days to introduce you to safely jumping off cliffs, terminal jumps and tracking.

In this course you will learn how to configure your gear for slider up jumping, you will learn about wind and weather conditions, how to find and approach an exit point, as well as canopy control, landing patterns and landing control in tight landing areas. Introduction to using tracking gear, which will first be practised from a hot air balloon or ultralight aircraft before you will do your first terminal jumps off a 450 meter high, overhung cliff with a big landing area.
Video debriefs will help you identify your progression as well as necesary adjustments in your BASE jumps.

Introduction to BASE specific Wingsuit flying

This course will take place at a drop zone and is taught by professional wingsuit instructors. It is designed to give you a safe introduction to wingsuit flying, focusing on taking the suit to a cliff in due course.  All jumps will be video recorded and debriefs will help you advance as well as identify necesary adjustments.